A poor local lady rang me in a bit of a state whilst I was Christmas shopping in Louth.

Her cat had brought a rat in the house via the cat flap alive in the middle of the night and let it go in the living room where it dashed for cover. As I was in Louth, I was able to attend straight away and went straight to her house. On arrival she told me it was definitely in the living room, so I sent her into the kitchen to make a cuppa whilst I hunted for the rat.  Bearing in mind its Christmas Eve, with Christmas tree decorations and presents everywhere. I moved everything looking for the rat, settee and chairs on there backs to look inside them, Christmas tree and presents moved out of the corners etc., but no rat found.  By this time the house looked like it had been burgled.  In walks the husband letting it slip he had the door open while he made a drink but only for two minutes.  So I went in the kitchen, pulled the fridge away from the wall and there was the rat sat looking at me.  The rat was then quickly removed and I asked if she needed a hand to put everything back, but her husband said she will do it. I think he feared the bill, as it was Christmas but they were visibly relieved to hear it was only £30, as it only took 1 hour of my time, within Louth on my door step.

So everybody’s happy, except the poor old rat, which never celebrated Christmas!