We attended a dog and cattery business, a few miles from Louth with a rat infestation. The customer told me he had been overrun with rats just overnight, which is a common occurrence.

Construction work, farm activity and dyke cleaning etc. can move rat populations en mass sometimes, losing their habitats as these activities are undertaken. Unfortunately for the customer, a┬ádyke ran between two of their boundaries also going through a new development. The rats used the dyke as a “motorway” directly onto their premises and they gained access to the loft space as well via some high conifers. The owners had heard scratching and gnawing in the loft space above their bedrooms during the previous night.

We managed to clear the house and site within a handful of visits and we have put a monthly service plan in place for future protection from further infestations and the high conifers have been topped out to prevent direct access to the roof.

Another very relieved and satisfied customer.